Rogelio Gudino


Current Handicap

Last updated: Jun 06, 2021

Beginner without an official handicap, shooting around +50 (extrapolating from the last 3 9-hole games I played).

What’s In The Bag

2020, May

All of my clubs come from the Tour Edge HP25 full set I bought back in 2017, but I’ve since: swapped the bag, swapped the head covers, and stopped carrying the woods.

Why I Love Golf

Ever since early 2017 after going to the driving range for the very first time, I’ve been obsessed with golf. Over time I’ve accumulated a few reasons why I love golf.

My Idea of Outdoors

I’m very much an indoors person and have always disliked outdoor activities. Despite that, I really enjoy playing golf and having a tiny taste of what outdoorsy people experience: fresh air and beautiful scenery.



Hard Yet Rewarding

Golf is frustratingly hard, both mechanically and mentally. Most of the time you’re beating yourself up for not being good enough or making mistakes. But the times when you hit a great shot or score better than expected keep you hooked.

Simple Yet Complicated

I love the fact that at its core, golf is pretty simple: get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible.

But I’m also fascinated by complicated it gets: which club to use, play it safe or take a risk, putting vs short game vs long game, so many rules, etc.

Individual or Team


Stroke or Match Play


Wonkery: Gear and Swing Mechanics


Life Analogies