Rogelio Gudiño

Personal Organization

Last updated: Apr 19, 2023

There are 2 core parts to my personal organization: a Bullet Journal and a calendar.

Bullet Journal

I make heavy use of “BuJo”. For a brief overview of what it is, see the How to Bullet Journal video.

Mine has a few modifications though:

I try to capture any task in my BuJo, no matter how small it is, and as soon as possible. If a task is broad and generic, I later take the time to break it down into multiple sub-tasks (indented bullets). And for certain tasks, I add additional context as nested notes. Example:

* Replace sofa.
  x Order new sofa online.
  ~ Dump old sofa.
  * Give old sofa to Alice and Bob.
    - Tel: (123) 456-7890

I also try to capture as a note any meaninful thought (funny, emotional, contextual, etc.), event, article (with sub-notes with my thoughts), information, etc.

When it comes to emotional thoughts, it’s pretty useful to capture them so I can “get it off my chest” without having to vent with someone and avoid doing something stupid or reckless. In a few cases I can also come back later and decide whether I want to add a task or a note with my final/cooler thought(s).

Digital Set-Up

I use my computer, a text editor (vim) and .txt files, a cloud file storage service (Google Drive) to synchronize across computers, and a notes app (Keep) to quickly capture things with my smartphone while I’m on the go and transfer them to my computer later.

The directory and file structure I follow the following example:

├── 2020
│   ├── 00-FutureLog.txt
│   ├── 01-January.txt
│   ├── ...
│   └── 12-December.txt
├── 2021
│   ├── 00-FutureLog.txt
│   ├── 01-January.txt
│   ├── ...
│   └── 12-December.txt
└── Collections
    ├── Books.txt
    ├── Golf.txt
    └── Wine.txt


I use a proper calendar (Google Calendar) since—for me—BuJo fell short on calendaring and reminders, specifically:

I try to capture all significant events in my calendar (appointments, social events and outings, haircuts, flights, birthdays, meetings, etc.).